Innovation. Isotech is renowned for innovation, with award winning products like the ISOTower ITS-90 Fixed Points, microK Thermometry Bridges, the milliK Precision Thermometer and ISOCAL-6; the multi function calibrator providing Dry Block, Liquid Bath, Surface Sensors, Blackbody and Fixed Point calibration. In 2017 Isotech was awarded the Queen’s Award for Enterprise recognising both the innovation and commercial success of the world leading microK Thermometry Bridge.

Anticipating Needs. Isotech has always tried to anticipate and accommodate customers’ needs in measurement. These needs are often identical to our own, since we are not only manufacturers of instruments, but also a full scale and accredited calibration laboratory at all levels. We use what we make; we design from our own needs.

Next Generation Products. We have recognized that in recent years many needs for temperature calibration have changed dramatically. Our products have evolved to meet these new needs because the number of calibration laboratories has become much larger, as more stringent quality control has replaced the craftsmans eye, and requirements such as those of ISO 9000, the EN series of standards etc., demand objective validation and proof.

Global Network – local support. Isotech has over 90 authorized sales agents worldwide! No matter where you are we can offer local support.

Complete Solutions. Isotech has solutions for all calibration needs, from Primary Laboratories maintaining National Standards to the needs of field engineers calibrating industrial sensors on site. Isotech is truly “The Source for Calibration Professionals”.

New Users. With the increase in the number of laboratories, we see a shift in laboratory personnel, from a few skilled scientists to technicians and manufacturing engineers who may have no previous experience in temperature calibration and the arcane field of measurement uncertainty.

Benefit. From Isotech’s premier UKAS Calibration Laboratory (ISO/IEC 17025:2005) Many manufacturers of temperature calibration equipment do not operate accredited laboratories. At Isotech we remain unique in that in addition to manufacturing equipment we also operate a full scale UKAS accredited laboratory calibrating both our own equipment and a full range of temperature equipment for our clients, from industrial thermocouples to primary standards.

The world’s leading National Metrology Institutes choose Isotech – shouldn’t you?